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We are very committed to the concepts of environmental and animal welfare which is why we chose only toys for dogs and cats not toxic to our animals.

Indeed sometimes the dogs play and shreds of full foam products or toxic products for their stomach and this can be very serious.

The range of toys “Martin Sellier” is made in Spain and rubb’n’roll  rubber toys are 100% natural and biodegradable. They are non-toxic and therefore avoids the risk of intestinal obstruction. Other toys are certified organic cotton and dyed with natural dyes.

They are obviously washable gentle cycle machine.

Please go to the heading bio Toys discover our selection for large dogs and small puppies.

After the toy category let us tell you about the food for dogs and cats (most important for our animals). Croquettes, sweets were selected taking into account the composition and manufacturing location. The BIOFOOD brand is located in the Netherlands and created an internal label “Green” which guarantee material use 100% natural and organic, respect for the environment and the full respect of the animal (without testing cruelty to animals), a top quality meat in the manufacturing, (chicken, beef, lamb or fish). The label “guaranteed Green” guaranteed a natural, healthy and without chemical additives.

We invite you to discover the range of dry food for dogs, cats, seniors, etc. puppies in our section organic food.

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